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Storyboarder.ai leverages advanced AI algorithms to provide a cutting-edge, automated storyboarding solution that boosts efficiency.

Start From a blank Paper

Storyboarder.ai is able to create a complete story including screenplay, shotlist and storyboard from a simple idea in 2 sentences.

Consistent Images

Storyboarder.ai generates high-quality images in a consistant way, ensuring your storyboard achieves a professional look & feel.

In-Edit & In-Paint Features

We offer complete control over the images, empowering you to refine them further until they accurately capture your vision.

Image-to-Image Upload Feature

Transform your laptop pictures or sketches into custom storyboard images. Have a specific idea in mind? Bring it to life!

PDF Upload of Existing Scripts

Got your script prepared as a PDF? Simply upload it and our tool will automatically generate a shot list and storyboard for you

Designed For:

Short Films
Feature Films
Corporate Videos
Social Media

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Dustin Steinkühler, CEO - FYNAL

I am always looking for ways to streamline our creative process and improve the quality of our films. That's why we were thrilled to kickstart the development of Storyboarder.ai and use it for ourselves. From the beginning, our vision for a storyboarding app aligned perfectly with our needs as filmmakers.

From Script to Storyboard:
One Storyboarding app to make it happen in minutes

Watch All the Tutorials

Embark on your journey with Storyboarder.ai by diving into our complete tutorial series. Whether you’re a newcomer eager to import your ideas or a seasoned user looking to master advanced features like Image-To-Image, InPaint, and Character Consistency, our tutorials have got you covered. Explore our tutorial series today and unlock the full potential of our platform in just 20 minutes!


Screenplay Writing with AI

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools for your scriptwriting needs. With our integrated script writing tool for professionals, crafting compelling scripts has never been easier. Have an inspiring idea in your mind? Our platform streamlines the process, allowing your ideas to flow seamlessly onto the page.

Experience a Seamless Transition from A Rough Idea or an existing Script
to a professional Screenplay, shotlist and storyboard. in minutes!

Bring your story to life


Storyboarder.ai is a powerful AI-powered tool to streamline the storyboarding process. Born out of the collective experience of filmmakers who were keenly aware of the imperative to accelerate the storyboard creation process, our team founded Storyboarder.ai with the purpose of enhancing the seamless communication of artistic visions with crew members and clients alike. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, our platform empowers users to craft storyboards swiftly, efficiently, and with utmost precision, offering an unparalleled solution to the challenges faced in the world of filmmaking.

Upon selecting a plan, commence by uploading your script or pitch paper to our platform or simply type your idea. Our AI-powered tool will then automatically generate a screenplay and shotlist for you. Feel free to edit and customize the shotlist to your preference. Once you are satisfied, proceed to create your storyboard. Should any of the generated images not meet your requirements, simply choose to refresh with the same shot details or make necessary adjustments to precisely capture your vision.

Once your work is complete, export the shotlist and storyboard as PDF files, allowing you to share them with your crew. Streamline your storyboarding process with ease, saving valuable time and ensuring effective communication with your team throughout your project.

Storyboarder.ai boasts a range of distinguished features, prominently highlighted by its cutting-edge AI technology, which seamlessly automates the generation of storyboards, shot lists and screenplays. Through its advanced capabilities, users can swiftly and effortlessly create comprehensive shotlists and visually compelling storyboards, significantly streamlining the entire storyboarding process.

Storyboarder.ai offers a selection of three distinct plans, tailored to suit varying user needs:

  • „Freelancer“: includes 5 total monthly projects, up to 10 pages input per project – $39/mo (yearly billed) or $49/mo (monthly billed)
  • „Agency“: includes an unlimited amount of projects, up to 10 pages input per project – $82/mo (yearly billed) or $99/mo (monthly billed)
  • „Production company“: includes 3 total monthly projects, up to 100 pages input per project – $249/mo (yearly billed) or $299/mo (monthly billed) 

These plans aim to give you the flexibility and resources required to bring your creative visions to life. If you need a custom solution please don’t hesitate to write us an email at info@storyboarder.ai.

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